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 At Explorers the activities are chosen by the young people themselves, they can almost anything and they plan with the  leaders to make it happen. Being in the great outdoors is even more important in Explorers especially in this modern age, hikes, camps and many more activities are organised by the Explorers and the leaders (have a look at the gallery to see some of the fun thing we get up to). Explorers start from age 14 and carry on untill aged 18, they can the either join Network, become a leader or both. We meet every Tuesday at 7.30 till 9.30 (except for school holidays). You can find out about the leaders to the right of this page.



Pumpkin Caving October 2016

It was smiles all round on the last Tuesday before the October half term. The Explorers spent the evening carving pumpkins
ready for Halloween - judge the results for yourself...

Our Explorer Leader is Calum.


He took over in 2014 and has built a successful unit. 

Calum has been in the group since being a beaver and has a wealth of Scouting experience to pass on. 


He is currently running the unit with the help of the Scout Leader and looking for an Assistant Leader.



All leaders are DBS cheaked and first aid trained.

Preparation for Cookham Dean Fete 2016


The Explorers spent the first evening back after the summer break painting
a set of wooden stocks. They also painted and helped make a splat
the rat game, these were both for Boyne Hill’s stall at the Cookham Dean
Fete. The Explorers had great fun testing out the new games and I am
sure they will be used at a lot more events in the future.

Create Climbing January 2016


The Explorers had a fantastic evening create climbing in the scout hut, with everyone in the unit reaching the roof. But once your up, there is only one way down!

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